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Cinnamon Rolls: The Best Recipe I Never Make


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Cinnamon Rolls: The Best Recipe I Never Make

My Opa once told me that a great marriage is a team, you find someone whose strengths fill your weaknesses and vice versa.  That's where my husband comes in.  There are 2 things that I hate doing in the kitchen:  1) making grilled cheese sandwiches (which is mainly because I can never get all the sandwiches done at the same time and I tend to burn the outside, I did come up with a work around that I will talk about at a later date) and 2) making yeast breads, ( I hate waiting for them to rise, and I cook so much I figure I deserve to buy nice bread and not make it).  Oh, and I also hate cleaning, (but who likes cleaning?) so I guess that makes 3 things.  Anyway, this blog is not about things I don't like to do, it about things I enjoy; and I enjoy eating.  Eating homemade cinnamon rolls, that is.

So my husband occasionally makes me fresh cinnamon rolls on the weekend.  This is the recipe he uses (he got it from my mother) and it is completely worth the effort, Clone of a Cinnabon.  We don't have a bread-maker, so he lets the dough rise the old fashion way (in the bowl with a wet tea-towel over the top).

After the first rise, he rolls out and assembles the Cinnamon Rolls as the recipe directs, but he adds about a 1/2 cup chopped pecans after sprinkling on the cinnamon sugar mixture, with a couple of pecan halves for the top of each roll.

He gently rolls them up then cuts them into 12 rolls using unflavored dental floss, (this is also a great way to slice cheesecake).

He places the cinnamon rolls in 2 greased 8x8 pans 6 roll per pan,  then we wait again.  This is very important.  Let the cinnamon rolls do their second rise or they will not be soft and tender.  Then to the oven.  The rolls take about 15 minutes in the oven.  We've gotten a little smarter after a few iterations.  The reason that we make them in 2 pans is that we pull one pan at 10 minutes, 5 minutes before they're done and let them cool on the counter.  We freeze the prematurely pulled rolls in the pan.  Then, you can just defrost them in the fridge the day before you plan to eat them.  Bake them the last 5 minutes and you'll have homemade cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven, again.

The cream cheese frosting is amazing and this is from someone who never wanted a frosted cake as a child.  So I guess my husband has a little job security as long as he keeps making these.

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Comment from: Melissa [Visitor]

Oh how I miss the days when I lived next door. After your lovely husband made these, he’d always bring an extra for me to enjoy. Now I guess I’ll have to actually make them myself…

03/17/12 @ 12:37
Comment from: Brian Sterr [Visitor]
Brian Sterr

Have you ever thought about adding bacon?


04/08/12 @ 18:30
Comment from: Joe [Member]  

I make the cinnamon rolls to Leslie’s exacting standards. Bacon is not in the recipe, but is welcome on the same plate. Messing with the cinnamon rolls would be a good way for me to lose my cooking privileges.

04/08/12 @ 23:38

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