About Leslie

Leslie Deil has been creating artwork since childhood.  In elementary school she won an art contest sponsored by the Omaha Children’s Museum.  That was just the first of more that followed.  Leslie studied Studio Art at Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin.  While at Ripon she received a Best Short Film Award at the Cinemaniacs Film Festival and had her sculpture “Wind Dancer” added to the permanent campus collection.  In college, Leslie focused on sculpture, ceramics, drawings and acrylic painting.  After graduation, Leslie moved to Texas and received her Master’s Degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

A few years after college, Leslie lived in northern New York.  She served as a board member and later president of the Arts Association of Northern New York. Her watercolor “Air Show” received an award as part of the annual art show in Sackets Harbor.  While in New York, Leslie began using watercolors, oil pastels and experimenting with printmaking.

Leslie has finally settled in Texas and has embraced life there.  When Leslie is not creating art, she enjoys cooking, sewing and spending time with her husband and daughter.  She also loves to travel, which frequently gives her inspiration for her pieces.

error: Bakers do not give out free bread, so please do not try to steal my art